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Welcome to Eden Try


Eden Try Estate Winery is a boutique style winery proudly and consistently serving only high-quality wines offered by our award-winning wine makers.

Nested on 12 acres just off the I-95 corridor, owners Gary and Linda invite you to join them at the tranquil Estate featuring an architecturally stunning Vineyard Barn, walking paths, ancient tree lined walking paths, and trickling fountains.

About the Wine Tasting Experience

SIN ful-Gria

It takes time and attention to detail, but Eden Try is proud to serve only properly aged red wines, including its 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon which won the Gold medal in the Virginia statewide competition. Also on the list is a variety of reds aged in the 2012+ timeframe.

Admittedly, most of our wines are on the drier side. That said, Eden Try strives to offer a complete tasting experience so everyone can find something to enjoy.

On the list this season is a delightful variety of wines ranging from your choice of crisp or soft whites, off dry rose or “summer” red, or medium and ultra-dry reds! The tasting experience finishes with our SINful-Gria which is over 98 percent wine (not fruit juice, sugar, or other fillers). Ahhh!

Eden Try Estate Winery currently has eight wines available on its tasting menu and occasionally offers a guest Virginia wine from our award-winning wine maker. Wine prices are generally in the mid to upper $20 range (with the exception of our Gold medal winner).

What is the definition of a good wine? It should start and end with a smile

~William Sokolin

Eden Try Winery
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